Watching out for the Ticker: Tips for a Healthy Heart

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So many columns have been written about heart disease and how to keep your heart healthy. There are many ways to literally avoid this top killer of men. You just need the right willpower as well as the drive to keep yourself healthy.

How exactly do you do this? There are two ways: you can exercise regularly and regulate your food intake, or you can exercise and take supplements to keep your heart healthy. Whichever one you choose, you still need willpower to see it through.

Here is a combination of what to do as well as supplements that can help keep your heart healthy.

Monitor your blood pressure

Your blood pressure is an indicator that something’s wrong inside. When you check this out, you either have a normal blood pressure of 120/80; otherwise, you’ll have something as close to 140/90, and that’s still a bit over normal. You should get yourself checked if you have this blood pressure rate.

Control your vices

Drinking and smoking are listed among the many things that may contribute to high blood pressure as well as many symptoms connected to heart disease. Controlling your smoking—if you can’t outright stop smoking—is one way of helping control your high blood pressure, if not lower it right away,

Move around

Your ticker was built to keep pumping blood because, as early humans, we were always moving around from place to place. Society’s comforts have removed that, and this led to heart disease and other vascular problems. One way to combat these diseases is to do as our ancestors did—move around!

Taking supplements: Coenzyme Q10

Have you ever felt tired or sleep the whole day? It’s either you’ve over-exerted yourself, or something may be wrong with your heart. The solution would be depending on what your doctor prescribes; one supplement is the CoQ10, which helps bring back energy into the cells.

Taking supplements: Omega-3s

Who said fatty acids aren’t good? Fatty acids, such as omega-3, are a big help and are usually associated with heart aids. These are usually found in fish—this is why you’re encouraged to eat fish, especially cold water ones. Omega-3 helps regulate inflammation in your body as well as keep your omega-3 levels normal.

Taking supplements: Magnesium

One of the reasons why you have heart attacks is when you’re too tired and stressed at the same time. The solution is simple, based on how you look at it; you should have less stress. Magnesium is your go-to drug in this case. Magnesium helps as a natural de-stresser and, in turn, helps lower your risk of heart attacks.

These tips are only some of many that can help in keeping your heart beating for a long time. You’ll certainly want to follow them, if you want to be with your loved ones for as long as you possibly can.

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