Keep yourself Alive: The Importance of Paying Attention to Vascular Health

featured7 - Keep yourself Alive: The Importance of Paying Attention to Vascular Health

Cardiovascular health—or vascular health, for that matter—isn’t something to take lightly.

When you talk about the cardiovascular system, you’re dealing with the circulation of blood throughout the body. Blood circulation is important, because this is how the oxygen we breath gets distributed to different parts of our body. With a malfunctioning system, there could be dire consequences to us and our way of life.

This is why, aside from exercising, we pay great importance to keeping our vascular system in great shape.

Signs: Cold or painful hands/feet

You think that cold sensation you feel on your hands and feet is just normal? Think again. This usually is a sign that yourvascular system—particularly your arteries—aren’t’ doing their job properly. They deliver blood to your upper and lower extremities and the cold is because blood can’t circulate properly.

Signs: Edema

Edema is a medical term for the swelling that occurs when there is fluid in your tissues. When this happens, you usually have swollen feet; your ankles and legs could follow suit. This is a symptom of many diseases, but the worst could be blood clotting of the arteries or weak veins read mroe on that by an urologist in san antonio.

Signs: Leg Pain

If you experience leg pain, it could be due to a number of problems, but almost all of these are connected to your vascular system. Normally, you have atherosclerosis if you’re experiencing leg pain. The pain could also be light to severe, depending on how worse your condition is.

Signs: Tingling

This tingling could also progress toward numbness or may be accompanied with such a feeling. Usually, you have PAD when you’re suffering from this. You may also have feelings of weakness or at least get fatigued easily; you need to have yourself checked when this happens.

Prevention: Exercise

One of the best ways to combat such heart conditions is still exercising. We usually suffer from these conditions because we lack physical activity. Also remember that the heart is a muscle—therefore, it works best when it is conditioned by exercise. A 30-minute activity already suffices.

Prevention: Healthy diet

Another way of combating dreaded heart diseases or problems of the vascular system is to make sure you’re eating healthy. A stagnant lifestyle, coupled with improper diet, is a good way to progress any heart disease you’re suffering from. Exercise and diet are always good ways of creating optimal conditions for your vascular system.

There’s no clear cut solution to get rid of heart disease once you’ve got it. The only thing you can do is to live with it—that doesn’t mean, however, that you’ll let it progress. You can live with it while keeping it at bay.