Don’t Break your Heart: Heart Diseases Symptoms by Category

featured3 - Don’t Break your Heart: Heart Diseases Symptoms by Category

There are many types of diseases that could kill you. You could say that it’s like life is telling you to ‘pick your poison’, so to speak. There are so many diseases borne by our modern lifestyle, you literally choose which you’ll suffer from based on what lifestyle you live.

There are ways to avoid them, of course. In the case of heart disease, which is still the top killer of people worldwide, there are so many ways to avoid it; as much as you pick which disease will kill you, you can also choose which antidote to take based on the specific disease you’re suffering from.

Fortunately, heart disease can be pretty easy to spot. Here’s how to know if you’re in danger from it.

What’s wrong: Atherosclerotic disease (blood vessels)

This is not a very pleasant disease to have; in fact, none of these are. Atherosclerotic disease is something alarming because it usually leads to further damaging problems like angina, stroke, or total heart failure. You usually know something’s wrong when you experience shortness of breath or pain in the neck or other parts of your body.

What’s wrong: Heart arrhythmias (abnormal heartbeat)

Have you ever heard your doctor say that there’s something wrong with your heartbeat? It may be too fast, too slow, or beats in an irregular rhythm. This is an arrhythmia, or an irregularity in the heartbeat. It may cause you chest pain, dizziness, lightheadedness, or a fluttering feeling in the chest.

What’s wrong: Congenital heart disease (heart defects)

This one is caused by genetics; it is usually non-escapable and one of the things an adult has to live with all their life. It is accompanied by discoloration (a bluish tinge), swelling in areas of the body, or poor weight in babies; when you grow, you usually can’t perform strenuous activities as well as you should.

What’s wrong: Dilated cardiomyopathy (weak heart muscles)

It doesn’t usually give out signs if it can be treated early. However, as time goes by, you may experience a sensation of breathlessness as well as an onslaught of fatigue from so little stimulation. You may also have irregular heartbeats or some swelling.

What’s wrong: Heart infections (Endocarditis)

It’s almost impossible to think that the heart can get infected, but when it does, it doesn’t look pretty at all. At most, you’ll get fever, feelings of breathlessness, or you get weak easily. The symptoms could lead to changes in the heartbeat to developing rashes or spots that are unusual.

What’s wrong: Valvulardisease (stenosis, regurgitation, prolapse)

The symptoms of this problem usually lead to more serious consequences; stenosis is bad for people already suffering from blocked arteries. Leaking or regurgitation may lead to more serious problems later in life, while prolapse often is the prelude to a heart attack. You know you have this when you get fatigued, feel chest pain, or have swollen parts of your body at times.