About Us

a1 200x300 - About UsWe at the Indiana University School of Medicine welcomes you.

We understand that our life today calls for faster resolution and movement of services and work. Because of these, we occasionally neglect our health and that can lead to disastrous consequences. This can lead to problems with the blood vessels, the cardiovascular system, and—at worst—it can also lead to the death of an individual.

We understand this urgency. Our doctors are composed of Dr. Michael C. Dalsing, the section chief, as well as doctors Dolores Cikrith, Alan Sawchuk, Stephen Lalka, Austin Hanson who has a MD in urology, Shoaib Shafique, Ryan Nachreiner, and Joseph Unthank, who holds a Ph.D in vascular biology.

We take our medical cases seriously. Through proper research and teaching the right programs, we believe that we are improving the state of healthcare that people in Indiana truly need. Our research spans the basic to the advanced; from researching vascular diseases, we also delve into studying trials done in the aim of improving healthcare, services, and curing what ails a patient.

While we train our future and resident doctors alike, we also aim to give enough room for discourse. Indiana University School of Medicine believes that our educational programs are second to none in the nation and, through that, we participate in providing better healthcare and quality of wellness given to the people of Indiana and to the nation as well.